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Megyeri Sára, Borjour anchor, Borjour-fairy:

Megyeri Sára

I learned to write in order to be able to drink. Let me explain: I got mixed up as an outsider with wine themed magazines, and I immediately knew I wanted to stay there. Gradually I became less of an outsider and finally I joined a radio show called Late Harvest, which was one of the coolest things back then (or at least I thought so). Eventually I completed a professional wine course (pretty cool too …), I had a son, and then I had another one, the radio show restarted, except it is now called Borjour. At the events I function as an insider guest, and at the radio station as an anchor.
Contact: megyeri.sara@borjour.hu


Nagy Sebestyén, Borjour anchor, Borjour-fairy:

When we started the Késői Szüret radio show in 2005, it seemed terribly exciting to taste wines together virtually with thousands of listeners, but we slowly realized that doing this together in reality would be even more exciting (yes, well, we improved …). This is why we launched the Borjour tasting series and thanks to these events I have had the privilege to get to know several people – all very open-minded, interested in what we do, and kind. This is probably the greatest accomplishment of the fact that we started working in wine-media five years ago. (Back when I was young and standing at the counter at parties, this is what I was daydreaming about: I’d love to get to know people while all I do is drink. And here we go, it turns out that this actually works! Wine really does connect people.)
Elérhetőség: nagy.sebestyen@borjour.hu

Salamon Adrienn, head of marketing, Borjour-fairy:

“The root of all delirium is love. Wine is liquid love…” After more than four years of working in the media, this is the love that finally sweeped me off my feet. It was quite a gradual sweeping, it happened during 3-4 years, and it included a wine-dinner at Köveskál, the first Borjours at Manna restaurant (I participated as a guest at first!), walks in Etyek, excursions in Villány, Buda Gourmet and the wine festivals in the summer. And then my life turned upside down in the course of just one year. I couldn’t resist the invitation, so I became one of Borjour’s wine-fairies. As a member of the team I purchase the wines for Insomnia wine-shop, I keep in touch with the winemakers, with Borjour guests, with partners and sponsors, I organize the Borjour tastings … every day is different, every day is a new challenge, every day is a new delirium.
Contact: salamon.adrienn@borjour.hu

Tóth Gábor, star-producer:

I am the production’s producer, meaning I am the roustabout. The motor, the clown, the barter-king. I love wine, I am a regular consumer, wine has become a significant part of my life – only after my lovely wife and cute daughters, of course. My goal is to connect sympathetic wine-lovers with each other through our events, without them having to train themselves to become professionals in the wine business. People who like to talk about wine in a comfortable, casual, cool way, not overmistifying the subject. My favorite part of Borjour are the events, where I get to meet our fans in person, in a friendly environment. I have big plans, you will hear about them soon enough … until then, let’s drink up!

Mikola Tamás, marketing manager. Tomi:

First it was Szőlő Márka (grape juice), our school gowns, the small corner shop, 4 forints and 20 fillérs, beer openers chained to the counter, empty bottles in the basket for exchange. Good day … then along came the small spritzer. Basketball at noon on Saturdays, a low-key pub presented as a food-bar, the bartender splashing our drinks, it slips down easy, chugging, and another one. Hello … and then came VBK (red wine and coke) before, during and after parties. Instead of parties. With a frothing top. Out of a plastic bottle, into a plastic cup, with a plastic taste. Hangover days … after that there were ten years of marketing, during that time a lot of shots, spritzers … And scene. Késői Szüret (Late Harvest). Insomnia. Borjour. And now it is about curing wines in wooden tanks, ideal stum-degrees, smooth acids. Prominent vintage. It’s a long journey … on our way … Or did I just start it …? Cheers!

Hehl Szilvia, event organizer, Borjour-fairy:

How did I get close to wine and how did I join Borjour? The love of good food and drinks is in my genes. My family introduced me to quality wines, and I started to show my friends that there is life after spritzers and beer. I loved the labels on bottles and the way white wine looks in a wine glass. I’m a visual person. And then, to close the long period of getting to know each other, I wrote a thesis about wine-marketing and fell in love with Eger, with Bikavér and with wine-marketing. Wine courses, tastings, and then I started looking for a job after getting my degree. I was lucky enough to come across Borjour quite fast and we liked each other. We were at the perfect place, at the perfect time. Since then I have been experiencing, organizing, smiling, and filling glasses. I’ve become a Borjour-fairy.
Contact: hehl.szilvia@borjour.hu

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