The story

We created Késői Szüret (Late Harvest) productions in 2005 (we as in Sebestyén Nagy and Gábor Tóth) with the goal of popularizing (mostly Hungarian) quality wines in an understandable, casual, everyday way. In November of that year we launched our radio show called Késői Szüret (again, Late Harvest) at radiocafé 98.6, where we tasted wines and conversed about them with the help of our two anchors, Sára Megyeri and Sebestyén.
Due to radiocafé going off the air, we moved to RadioQ 99.5 on 11.01.2012, where our show continues from 8 to 9 pm every Wednesday night.
We broadened our profile with event organizing, and from 2009 we hold regular wine tastings which we have decided to call ‘borjours’. Our evolution has lead to developing four types of borjour: the weekly Mini ones, which accommodate 40 guests and usually have one winemaker present his products. At Borjour Extra events we taste wine in unusual, interesting, sometimes extreme settings, usually with one winemaker. Then we have our Klasszik events, which we hold once a month (except for during the summer days) on top of the Tunnel (under the Buda Castle) at Manna restaurant –about 200 guests can taste wines from 7 to 10 wineries at these events. Our largest function yet is Magnum, which is like a real gigantic wine festival with more than 1000 guests.
There are two common characteristics of all borjours. One is that our guests are only charged an admission fee and don’t have to pay for the wines during the tasting, and the other one is that these tastings are informal, standing events, where guests are able (and encouraged) to walk around. This has always been our main goal as wine-mediums – to put all wine-lovers in touch with each other and with winemakers.

Magnum partner